Delta Motorsport - formed on 2005 by two local highly skilled engineers.

Delta Motorsport was formed in 2005 by Simon Dowson (Managing Director) and Nick Caprenter (Technical Director), two local guys highly skilled in the engineering industry who have chosen to locate their new enterprise in one of the units on the Silverstone Technology Park.


Whilst they are currently working on a number of different confidential projects for Formula One manufacurers and other major automotive companies - they are also recieving global recognition for their work in combining the worlds of HPE and Green Technology. How are they doing this? Through their continued success in the X-Prize competition and the development of the E-4.


The Progressive Auto X Prize is a US based competition offering $10 million in prize monies. The competition challenges companies to build a viable, production-capable whilst super-efficient car capable of 100MPGe. It is split into 2 categories - for 4 wheel or 2 wheel drive & Delta Motorsport have already received extraordinary success in being the only entrants from outside the US to remain in the competition.