Flybrid Systems - at the forefront of hybrid vehicle technology.

Flybrid Systems is an innovative engineering company at the forefront of hybrid vehicle technology and a fantastic successful story from the Silverstone Technology Park. Formed by Jon Hilton and Doug Cross both ex-Formula One engineers the pair decided to combine knowledge and form Flybrid Systems. By investing their own money to develop a working demonstration Flybrid system the company were able to work at high speed and in just 12 months they progressed from first thoughts to fully working hardware. Flybrid initially took office space at Silverstone Innovation Centre but, through their speed of growth, have already relocated into a new prime location on the Silverstone Technology Park. In 2007 the company developed an entirely mechanical high-speed flywheel based energy storage and recovery system to meet the 2009 Formula One regulations. This Flybrid® technology is now being applied to a range of applications outside motorsport and is well suited to use in road, rail and off highway vehicles. Flybrid Systems LLP is privately owned by Jon Hilton and Doug Cross. The company offers a full service including design, manufacture, assembly, development and support of the device in the field. Flybrid Systems has recently relocated into new much larger premises on the Silverstone Technology Park (having originally been based within the nearby Silverstone Innovation Centre). The move is in response to a strong demand for the company's kinetic energy recovery systems particularly from road car manufacturers. The move has already created new employment opportunities with the workforce growing by 50% and the company has high expectations for future growth. Jon Hilton - Managing Partner, Flybrid Systems