Mugen Euro Co. Ltd - M-Tec Co. Ltd of Japan launched Mugen Euro Co. Ltd in Nothamptonshire in 2007.

It was at Autosport International in January 2007 that M-TEC Company Ltd of Japan revealed the formation of Mugen Euro Company Ltd in the UK and the establishment of a Mugen-Power racing and high performance engine facility in Northampton in the UK's Motorsport Valley by the July of the same year.

MUGEN - meaning "Unlimited" - engines have famously powered hundreds of race and championship winners since the original company's formation in 1973. Many of these have been with Honda products and currently include NSX Super GT (Japan's most prestigious race series), F Nippon, and Integra one-make series. Outside of Japan, the Honda 2.0 litre-based F3 engines developed by MUGEN have been consistently successful, names such as Mika Hakkinen and Rubens Barrichello springing to mind as F1 drivers who won F3 championships in the past with MUGEN-POWER.

MUGEN also designs and develops race engines under its own brand name, most prominent of these having been the MF458S LMP1 unit which won in the Japanese Le Mans Series.

MUGEN EURO is headed by Mr Satoshi Katsumata, Managing Director of M-TEC, as President and Mr Hiroki Toyoda as Vice-President in charge of day-to-day operations. Both are extremely experienced in motorsport and in powertrain design and development, and are supported by a locally recruited workforce.

Two years on from its formation in the UK, MUGEN EURO has:
- become successfully established in Northampton in premises which include a current F1-standard transient engine test cell
- been acting as official distribution channel, exclusively for competition use, of the 2.0 litre K20A series 225PS Japanese-market engine, as used in Touring Cars and CN sports-prototypes VdeV series, including Gr-N homologation of the engine.
- formed a technical partnership with famous Italian team JAS Motorsport in the FIA's new R3 rally class, resulting in 3 wins in the first 3 events and following customer orders.
- become the exclusive supplier powertrain supplier to two single-make sports prototype series
supplied over 200 engines to engine preparation companies and car constructors in the UK and continental Europe.
- scored a first-time-out win in Super 2000 Touring Car Racing in the highly competitive Swedish Championship in June 2009.
- in May 2009, introduced MUGEN Original Products to the UK market via approved retailers for a range of HONDA models including the Civic, S2000 and the Integra.

According to Hiro Toyoda - "It is important to emphasise that the company exists not only to supply engines and parts but also to assist engine specialists and car constructors with technical information and support. We wish to develop a very open and cooperative relationship with our HONDA motorsport customers in Europe - we have the passion and the dedication to succeed and we go all out to do so".