Education & Training

Northamptonshire has a concentrated and cohesive approach towards industry, education and training providers to develop the skills needed to drive forward the High Performance Technologies industry in the county. 


STEMNET's vision is to increase young people's choice and chances through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEMNET's purpose is to be a recognised leader in enabling all young people to achieve their potential in STEM by:

• Ensuring that all young people, regardless of background, are encouraged to understand the excitement and importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their lives, and the career opportunities to which the STEM subjects can lead;

• Helping all schools and colleges across the UK understand the range of STEM Enhancement & Enrichment opportunities available to them and the benefits these can bring to everyone involved;

• Encouraging business, organisations and individuals wanting to support young people in STEM to target their efforts and resources in a way that will deliver the best results for them and young people.